Steel Industries welcomes experienced Operations Manager Matthias Horn

  • Posted on March 20, 2023 in News

Steel Industries is delighted to announce that Matthias Horn has joined our team, as Operations Manager, with his major focus being to oversee the Steel Fabrication operations.

Matthias has vast experience in the steel fabrication industry. Matthias’ background was in Industrial Engineering in Germany.  He came to PNG 30 years ago as a vocational trainer and over the last 25 years has run three separate steel fabrication businesses, including 12 years at Buka Metal Fabricators followed by stints in Port Moresby at Ferrum Engineering and most recently with Fabworx.

Matthias has contributed to some incredible projects including the TauramaAquatic Centre (K20m), the 
International Airport Extension (K4m) and KimbeMarket (K4m). We are excited to see what Matthias can do to help us improveour steel fabrication operations here at Steel Industries!

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