Media Metro Billboards

Media Metro approached us in 2014 with an innovative idea of producing large modern billboards which would transform the face of Port Moresby. We tackled the job by offering solid structural steel to support advertising boards up to 15M in length. The boards were constructed from 200mm purlins and were supported with large pipe up to 450mm.

Skins mounting the plywood faces were all produced in PNG by local signage companies. To date we’ve completed 17 billboards with more to come in the later part of this year.

“We have been delighted the relationship that we have developed with Steel Industries that includes the design, fabrication and installation of large format billboard in PNG. Our relationship is built on being open and transparent ensuring that the final product delivered is both world class and on budget. Given the quality that we are producing in the market, I am also delighted to say that demand from advertisers has also met our expectation. We are constantly receiving phone calls from potential advertisers and the public in general expressing regarding their enthusiasm towards this new format of advertising. Media metro is proud and pleased to have a strong partner in Steel Industries Ltd” – Rich Brady, Managing Director, Media Metro