Kupiano Hospital

Oil Search is in the process of finishing three new wards for the Kupiano Hospital under their Tax Credit Scheme. Steel Industries is pleased to be the chosen sub-contractor to provide all the steel for these structures.

The single storey wards are constructed on concrete slabs with concrete block walls. The internal walling utilises frames manufactured by Steel Industries using Framecad 89x.75 galvanized studs. Trusses for all of the roofing were also fabricated with the Framecad 89x.75 stud.

Fabrication of the panels and trusses were all done in our Gordons factory and trucked down to Kupiano for installation. The design and manufacture was computer generated and controlled to ensure a perfect fit. Having prefabricated panels and trusses was far more efficient and economical as compared to traditional methods of construction. It certainly does appear that galvanized light-weight steel framing and trusses are the future for construction.