The Waterfront has been Steel Industries Flagship Project.  It was and remains the largest structural project in terms of tonnage as well as value ever undertaken by Steel Industries. It was built between 2010 and 2012 and has in excess of 400MT of steel with a value in excess of K7M.

The structure is a portal frame building with precast concete panels afixed to the structural steel frames.  The internal facade utilized Framecad ceiling and wall panels in lieu of traditional suspended ceilings and manually manufactured wall frames of timber. This was a change in design and saved the Contractor months of work which equated to hundreds of thousands of Kina.

The building is immense by Moresby standards.  The Supermarket is 62 meters wide by 150 meters long.  The warehouse is 40M wide by 80M long. It is has been the premier undertaking of the late Jimmy Chung of Boroko Foodworld and was done on time and within budget.



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