CPL Bakery Gerehu

CPL Bakery in Gerehu rises perfectly

At Steel Industries, our advanced construction technologies such as Framecad offer many advantages over traditional construction techniques. The impressive new CPL Bakery in Gerehu provides a great example of how this new technology benefits our customers.  Put simply, this new way of designing and building is all about the rapid construction of quality buildings to deliver a faster return on investment and new business opportunities.

Here’s a snapshot of what our new Framecad 450iT and the 300iT machines delivered:

Overall scale:  21m wide x 46m long x 4.0m wall height.

External walls: 150 x 50 x 1.55m assembled stud frames and 6m long x 2.4m high with an additional stud wall panel of 1.6m high bolted on top – for easier transportation and simple erection on site.

Internal walls: 89 x 41 x 0.95 assembled stud frames.

Roof trusses: 89 x 41 x 1.15 assembled trusses with 21.0m overall length and split into three segments of 7.0m that are screw-fixed together on site and erected.