Team effort for FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup

  • Posted on February 7, 2017 in News

All of us were truly impressed with the success of the FIFA Women’s U20 World Cup held mid November through early December. While much of the Tournament utilized facilities constructed for the Pacific Games there were two new stadiums required for the tournament.

An important element for these Stadiums was of course the structural steel. The PNG Sports Foundation approached Steel Industries in May with an extremely tight deadline of September for all the structural steel to be fabricated and erected. Knowing the national importance of the tournament our engineers worked to refine the design around the capabilities of our local industry, utilizing steel that was currently available in PNG.

With the short lead time we were able to enlist help from our PNG metal trades industry, subcontracting work to Ferrum Engineering, J.D. Hayes, Niugini Steel, Curtain Brothers, and purchasing structural steel and purlins from Atlas Steel. It was truly a team effort not seen before in PNG. The end result were facilities that met the strict FIFA requirements allowing for an incredibly successful tournament.

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