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  • Posted on May 19, 2016 in News

With the recent shutdown of a major Machine Shop in Port Moresby, Steel Industries has expanded our Machine Shop to support our many clients.  We currently have two modern Hafco Metalmaster lathes, a shaper, two Rigid threading machines, a small milling machine, drills, and grinders.  These machines can supplement and enhance products coming out from our Water Jet Cutting Machine.

A good example is our bottom roller utilized extensively throughout Papua New Guinea to support sliding gate frames. cheap motorcycle fairings,The product is first cut to specification in our Water Jet and then machined down with an insert for a bearing and a grooved flange permitting the gate to roll down a steel round bar or angle.  It is solid, robust, and long lasting.

Another good example of our Machine Shop at work was Talisman Energy who imported some large 530 diameter flanges which fit on drill pipe. Suzuki Fairings, Twenty arrived and were 3mm too small to fit on the drill pipe.  They could have easily air freighted the flanges to Brisbane or Singapore at considerable cost and expanded the internal diameter but looked to Steel Industries to resolve their problem.  The flanges were just a bit too large for our lathe but Michael, our Machine Shop Manager, was able to come up with an innovative solution putting a large spacer in place which was cut to precision on our Water Jet Cutting Machine and we then easily increased the internal diameter of the flanges by 3mm. Suzuki Fairings,Please view a very pleased Machine Shop Manager at the completion of the job.

If you have any machining requirements please do come to Steel Industries and obtain a competitive quotation.


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