Draggin Jeans Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans Review The Girl On A Bike

Draggin Jeans Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans Review The Girl On A Bike

I discovered Dragginin 2015. It was during my post accident, and I was starting to commute to work during periods between operations when my body was able, and so I wanted something I could ride in but also wear in the office, out for dinner, be in normal life; having to change to get on the bike sucks. Something I thought was an impossible combination. But then I found Dragginin our local Blade Group dealer , and the rest is history as they say. I now have three pairs of different looks, blue, dark blue and black, and I can rock up, get off my bike and not look like a biker in massive bike trousers. I wanted to look ‘normal,’ casual; it’s the ultimate look for the Harley too; safety without the safety look. 2008 cbr600rr fairings

For me, this is really where Draggin Jeansstand out. They’ve been making motorcycle clothing since 1997; I was a wee kid back then! And, more importantly, they were actually the first casual motorcycle brand in the world to have ever passed the Certified European [CE] Level 1 and CE Level 2 certifications for Abrasion, Burst and Tear resistance. That’s a tested transmitted force up to 18 kN! Blimey. Now for me, that makes me feel protected! [more on CE ratings here].

If you have any doubts, check out the below video. What better way for a brand to show their trust and confidence in their products; than by dragging someone down a runway in them! Secretly one day I’m hoping I can work with Dragginand do a video like this with me! I trust them that much hint Draggin. 2006 gsxr 600 fairing

There are definitely loads of Kevlar jeans out there, but I feel Dragginhave gone one step further with their latest kit. In the , they have added a soft knitted lining made ofDyneemawhich is theworld’s strongest fibreandDuPoint Kevlarcovering the major crash zones. The lining takes advantage of Dyneema strength, which is 40% stronger than Kevlar and 15X stronger than steel! And they even have the option of extra pads for additional impact protection. For me, safety comes first, and these stats and features give me confidence.

Look Styling

They literally look like normal jeans. Their earlier pairs had seam lines where the Kevlar was stitched in. However, the new kit doesn’t even have that. I’ve had many comments about me riding in ‘just jeans’, and it’s so unbelievably satisfying when you can turn around and say, ‘actually these are DyneemaKevlar with a CE level 1 rating!’ Boom!

They have a range of designs, 2004 cbr1000rr fairings colour and styles. If you want skinny, baggy, boot cut, you name it, and I’m confident they’ll have them. Yes, they’re a little thicker due to the Dyneemaand Kevlar. However, they have loads of flex, they hug the body, bend and stretch as you move. There are no worries about bending down to pick things up! I frequently wear them all day in the office simply because I can, and changing is such a pain! They’re that comfy.

If I go away on the bike, I tend to literally only take my Dragginjeans, plus some shorts if the weather allows. sportbike fairings

Not waterproof but what jean is I simply carry a small pair of waterproof over trousers if there is any rain risk. Easy!

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